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Tested extensively to ensure efficient performance and an extremely user-friendly interface, iStir HP320a has been heavily researched in its development phase. With the best of features, it is the solution to all your hot stirring needs with a capacity of up to 10 litres. Additionally, because of its small footprints it saves valuable bench space and makes it suitable for use in hoods and cold rooms.



  • Powerful Servo DC motor deliver up to 2200 RPM operation and maintenance free long operation
  • Variable speed ranging from 500-2200 RPM
  • Temperature range Ambient +5 to 320ºC
  • Stirring capacity Up to 10 litres
  • Easy to operate-plug & play
  • Closed design allows easy cleaning and protects the equipment from accidental spills
  • Non slip strength rubber feet
  • Small footprint saves valuable bench space – Suitable for use in hoods and cold rooms



Specifications iStir HP 320a
Capacity 10 Litres
Motor Type Servo DC Motor
Variable Speed 500-2200RPM
Temperature Range Ambient +5 to 320°C
Set -Up Plate Dimensions 140 x 140 mm
Weight 1.4 kgs
Dimension (W x D x H) 248 x 156 x 104 mm
Protection Class IP 21
OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.


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